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Cat Salad (Cat Grass) Kit

The best cat grass kit in town! Organic non-GMO vegetable blend. Fabric grow bag for enhanced root growth. Recyclable Saucer.

The Litter System

Litter… The only bad part of owning a cat. We designed a system to make it a little less annoying.


Playing with your pets shouldn’t take a toll on the earth. Our toys are fun and eco-friendly 

The Rude Kitty Guarantee

Good for the Earth & Good for your Pets!


USA Made


Our Mission

To ethically source all products we sell in order to make our human impact on Earth maybe just a little less Toxic

usa made


Shaved cat

Rest in Peace, Fluffy

Life is just to much sometimes, Yesterday May 18, 2020 our beloved “Fluffy” (real name Edward) the Himalayan cat died at the young age of

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