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RudeKitty couldn’t be done without contributions from both generations.  It is a combination of both old and new ideas.  Old fashioned animal care (Polli grew up on a farm) and new technology and ideals.

But what we have in common is that we believe that we should respect our planet, our people and our pets.  Our RudeKitty products are things that we have created that we use for our own pets.  We are careful to only make or sell things that we have tried and know will work.

We understand value because we own pets and have been disappointed when we purchased something that didn’t work, pets didn’t like or was too expensive or if it wasn’t too expensive, weighed on our conscience because we knew that unethical labor practices were used to make the product.

We have worked hard to find ethical products made in America from American companies.  If we had a choice between a small business and a large, multinational corporation, we chose the smaller company.  Everyone deserves a chance.

Our Promise

To ethically source all products we sell in order to make our human impact on Earth maybe just a little less Toxic

Also make sure our pets are happy!