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Rest in Peace, Fluffy

May 19, 2020

Author: meadowlark

Rest in Peace, Fluffy

Life is just to much sometimes, Yesterday May 18, 2020 our beloved "Fluffy" (real name Edward) the Himalayan cat died at the young age of only four. He had a urethra blockage that trashed his kidneys and we had to put him to rest.

That is an awful way to loose an animal, having to tell the Vet to put them to sleep for the last time. Its so administrative in a time when you are just gushing emotions. I really resent that. But "it is what it is" unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to help the poor guy other then give him a peaceful death.

I loved him, he gave me joy every time I saw him in the house, he was just so beautiful and proper looking. Fluffy, as i usually called him was also an epic hunter, there were no mice, voles or snakes that dared cross paths with Fluff, he kept our house in the woods very tightly secured.

He was so young this was really a shock to our entire family. Only four years old, he had only been fully grown for like two. Unlike our other cats he was always thin, not unhealthy, thin just trim a naturally beautiful animal.

Fluff did not particularly care to be petted all the time like our other cats but he did occasionally and on a consistent routine with myself. He would in the morning come and play with my boot laces. Then at night when my father and I let the dogs out before bed he would always jump up on the table and want to be petted. I will miss always seeing him at those times.

Yesterday when the news came over the phone that he was not going to be able to recover from surgery my mother burst into tears and even though i was not around for the phone call seeing her told me what was about to happen instantly. I know that animal surgery is always risky and he had been sick for 3 days strait at this point.

Still in my mind up until this point i thought he was going to be OK, again he was so young that i couldn't imagine that he would pass. I did not cry until we went into the vet office to say goodbye, at that point i started crying and did not stop for 3 hours.

That was very hard and unfortunately i am sure other pet parents can relate. The doctor offered to make some silly paw print impression, i couldn't talk but i was just thinking, great, another piece of tat, what i would really like is to be able to have fluffy back with us, happy and hunting. Then after a half hour or so, i left the room, my mother stayed with him for the final moments, I do not know how you can bare that, i just wanted to stroke his ears and cry for hours.

Personally i hate death, every-time it happens to something i care about it comes with the same feelings. Helplessness and longing for more time with the animal or person that will no longer be there, ever again. That freaks me out, like 3 days ago i was petting him and listing to people complain about how he was tearing up their rug. Or watching him guard the front door because he heard something on the outside. But now, somehow, he will never do any of those things ever again, he is simply gone, that always gets me.

He was one of The Rude Kitty's model cats, all three of our cats are, he was just the most elegant in my opinion, so perfect looking. He is in our toy and grooming logos. Also he was in other images all over the place for being so good looking.

I will miss him, every time i come across him on the site i will remember him as the little fluff ball he was, always there lurking in the house or hunting something imperceptible to us humans. He will be very missed.

It is hard to loose a pet, there is nothing you can do to make it less hard other then remember them for who they were. I am just going to end this by saying Goodbye fluffy! I will miss having you around and hope you are peacefully up in the clouds hunting and grooming yourself. I hope you liked your time with us and enjoyed every time our paths crossed as much as i did. There is nothing more to be worried about your in a better more stable place now.

If anyone reading this has lost a pet, i truly am sorry, but there is nothing we can do, if everything goes as planned we will all loose many pets, that is just the sour fact about pets, they do not live very long compared to us.

Happy hunting cloud mice fluff! Ill see you on the other side one day, but for now its just a bit more lonely down here without you.

2 comments on “Rest in Peace, Fluffy”

  1. He was a fierce snake hunter and we will soon have a selection of organic, HEALTHY cat and dog kibble. We know what made him sick. One of the very few good things that can come from loss is determinaction to right a wrong. Creating healthy pet food is Fluffy's legacy. I did stay with him through the end moments bc I did not want him to think that we stopped loving him in his moments of pain. He was loved and still is. Always.

  2. Fluffy's eulogy was a beautiful tribute to a special cat. It said everything I have felt when one of my precious pets crossed the Rainbow bridge. Fluffy will forever be in your heart💖

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