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Cat Salad Kit - Refill



This is the refill kit for our Cat Salad Kit.

It has everything you need to replant the kit and get a 2nd round of salad. We only recommend using 1 refill kit per cloth pot, as more than 1 re-plating is too long for the biodegradable pot. It will break down and make a mess. However, do what you feel is right, maybe after the 2nd replanting the pot is still in good shape, this is in nature's hands, we can only advise!



  1. Remove old plants from dirt by ripping them out.
  2. Optional: dump dirt out of bag, rinse bag, allow to partially dry, refill with the dirt you dumped out
  3. Use seed packet from refill kit, sprinkle them on dirt.
  4. Use Cover Dirt from refill kit, cover seeds and gently pat down.
  5. Water as normal (every day until sprouts, only when the pot feels dry after that)
  6. Purrrrrr, you should have big healthy plants in 7 days!

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Weight .5 lbs


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