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Who are we?

People trying to do the right thing for the earth and people's pets!

Lee and Peter

Lee & Pete

We are just your average family. In 2018, myself (Pete) and my mother decided to start a small business selling pet toys and home solutions. We had no idea where to begin, all we knew is we loved our pets, and we were not happy with many of the pet toys on the market. 

Since 2018 the world has changed a lot. Everyone is moving towards products like ours, good for the earth and ourselves/ pets. It is just the right way to do things. We cannot afford to as a society to just ignore the repercussions of our actions. Life is just too short and the next generations will need to clean up our mess/ kick our bad habits. 

Thank you for stopping by! 

- The Roe family

The Rude Kitty Promise:


USA Made

Lots of fun!

Case Study:

Cat Salad Kit:

The details are everything!


  • American Cotton Pot

  • Organic soil, minimally processed

  • Cotton Tag

  • Organic American Seeds

  • Recyclable, durable saucer.

A word on the Saucer: It is made from PET plastic, one of the most easily recyclable plastics we have. It is a unibody construction, no other types of plastic mixed in. It is just a good product. It will never rot. It is easy to clean. 

There are tradeoffs to everything. May we commission custom saucers made from a more sustainable material in the future? I would like to, so order one now to help make it happen!
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