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What it's like to start a Pet Products Brand

July 1, 2019

Author: polli

What it's like to start a Pet Products Brand

Oh i have been waiting to do something like this for over a year. Finally my mothers and my website has been filled with products and pictures all carefully looked over and double checked. It took a year to flesh out an idea that you can explain in 60 seconds, as my mom had to me last summer. Oh its a great idea i had, you use a box to catch the cat litter instead of a mat because the mats are expensive and made of nylon!

When our rude kitty cuddles pees everywhere like a male cat should we assume. The mat was fine to just be discarded because it was cardboard. I honestly thought my mom was a crazy cat lady. Oh yeah mom you solved a problem that only you deal with, congratulations. Lol seriously i was unimpressed it would be a lie to say that i herd the idea and just immediately went to go make it a product. No, instead i just wrote it off, but my mom never quit using them. She also never quit telling us about how great of a fix it was.

Then one day it occurred to me, that is a really good way to stop dumping so much plastic in the trashcan every week (i am responsible for trash) i see all the 'awesome ideas' people sell my mom in the trash every week. This is not that, it goes in the recycle. It is also very cheap, my family is no trump clan, we have modest luxuries but non of us operate under the allusion that money and material is just falling from the sky.

I had also recently figured out (oh money how i loath you) the 4 year college that accepted me wanted $200,000 to finish what i though was to be just 2 more years of school.

Yeah i did not want to just sign my life away at age 21, I wanted to be with my family, i wanted to start my own business. Thus The Rude Kitty.com begin. Ok it was a lot more complicated then that and i honestly forgot the details a little but i can say for a fact that this year has had huge downs and some nice little ups.

In the end we were able to launch a full product line with affiliate products and our own proprietary rude kitty litter system.
I am ecstatic to be at this point, we have currently have had a grand 0 orders, but we have yet to get our products to the internet of cat parents!

I just wanted to write this to kick us off from here, if we ever get going really good i would be happy. however if we never sold a thing i would still feel like this year was worth my time because i was able to build something with my mom and it tough me about family and life and where i came from. I wouldn't trade this year for another year. Even threw the hard droughts of eating nothing but peanut butter sandwiches and fruit i knew it was worth it because you can be broke but if you can learn to stay optimistic you are unbreakable.
Seriously. if you are reading this and trying to start a business or just think the whole idea is silly and i should have solidified my life for $200,000 of student loan dept ill tell you that this experience i have had is worth more then $200,000 liquid cash. I have learned how to negotiate with companies to some degree, i have learned to build web servers. I have learned things that you can only learn from thinking things and doing them, over and over every day.

That is the real lesson i learned, if you want something. go build it, no-one else is going to. legit anything you want you are going to have to get on your own, so do not trick yourself into thinking college or ANYTHING is somehow going to "save" you, or make you just inherently better off then me. I have talked to people with more money and family then i could ever imagine to have and they all share something. They all understand that everything is earned, and it dose not matter where you begin you can get anywhere you want you just need to try so hard it hurts and you want to quit, thats how you know its getting good.
To conclude, if you read all the way to here i hope you have a wonderful day whatever that might entail and please check out our other blog posts written by my mother and i or anyone we find friendly.

Bye for now!

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