The Litter System!

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Litter System!

One catcher, per litter box, per month,

One Litter bag per day to keep everything clean, up to 4 litter boxes,

One big bag, per litter box, per month, to get everything out!

Two Catnip toys per cat, because life is not just about Poo!

One Tote to keep it all together

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One Kitty

$ 15
  • 2 Litter catchers
  • 35 Litter Bags
  • 2 Catnip Purrogies
  • 2 Big Bags
  • 1 Tote Bag
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Two Kitties

$ 20
  • 3 Litter Catchers
  • 35 Litter Bags
  • 4 Catnip Purrogies
  • 3 Big Bags
  • 2 Tote Bags
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Super Clowder!

$ ??

We want to make life easier and more enjoyable for pets and their parents. The Rude Kitty Litter System is our contribution to making your life and your pet’s life easier, more enjoyable and more sanitary while eliminating the need for plastic bags.

Our system works by using a biodegradeable Litter Catcher in place of a litter mat. The Litter Catcher has sides so the litter stays on the mat. It is adjustable too. You can move it out a little further if your Rude Kitty has long steps or keep the Catcher close to the litter box if that is more neat.

The Litter System also has biodegradeable litter bags to put your daily scoops of poop and urine in. When you are finished, push the bag closed, roll down the top, fasten and throw away. No more messy plastic grocery bags. Our bags are neat, safe from spills and close up tightly without leaks or spills. You can safely put them in your trash without worrying about nasty odors once you have closed them.

Our biodegradeable bags are handy for bunnies too and can be purchased separately.

We also include one large biodegradeable bag for that big monthly clean.

Each month, we send you the following:

Our Rude Kitty Monthly Litter System Subscription for one cat:

2 litter catcher

32 litter catcher bags *Plus one extra for scoop

2 large litter bags

2 Catnip Toys

Super Clowder Rude Kitty Litter System Subscription (64 litter bags, 5 litter catchers and 2 large bags. Each regular size bag can normally hold daily scoops from 4 litter boxes, but after that, it is better to move up to the Super size)

Catchers and Toys depend on total Rude Kitty’s at home!

(typically litter-boxes = number of cats plus one)

You choose the number of Litter Catchers you need in the Super Clowder Subscription!

*The accepted kitty litter box rule is 1 litter box/cat plus 1. This means:

1 cat = 2 litter boxes

2 cats = 3 litter boxes

3 cats = 4 litter boxes