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The Rude Kitty© Litter System



No more plastic bags!
No more mess!
Clean floors!
Happy cats!

Our Monthly Litter System provides:

  • 32 sturdy, biodegradable Litter Bags
  • 2 Litter Catchers*
  • 2 large Litter Bags*
  • 1 Rude Kitty 100% cotton Tote Bag
  • 2 Rude Kitty cat toys*

*Depends upon number of cats who own you.

For Custom Orders Please click the "Custom Order!" Tab

The Rude Kitty Litter System is our contribution to making your life and your pet’s life easier, more enjoyable and more sanitary while eliminating the need for plastic bags.

Our system works by using a biodegradable, disposable Litter Catcher in place of a traditional litter mat and biodegradable Litter Bags for daily cat box cleans.

The Litter Catcher has sides so the litter stays on the mat.

It is adjustable. You can customize to fit your cat's steps. Move it out a little further if your Rude Kitty has long steps or keep it snugly against the box.

It is damp resistant in case your Kitty misses the box occasionally.

At the end of the month, close it up and throw it away.  It is biodegradable.

Biodegradable Litter Bags for clumps from your daily cat box clean.

Simply put clumps from each litter box in your daily Litter Bag, fasten the top and throw away. No more messy plastic grocery bags. No more stinky trash.

One bag should hold the daily clumps for up to 4 litter boxes. They are damp and odor resistant when closed up tightly.

Large Litter Bags hold up to 10 pounds of litter and clumps.  This is for your big monthly clean.

The Rude Kitty cotton tote holds your new bags to keep them all in one tidy place.

Use them for grocery totes when you finish your Litter Bags.  One more step in our effort to rid our planet of plastic bags.  They are machine washable.

Rude Kitty Cat Toys! Because we truly want you and your fur baby to enjoy time together, we are including fresh new toys each month.  As always, made here at Rude Kitty and approved by our own Rude Kitty's.

You can use our preset subscriptions or customize to suit your needs.

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 2 × 15 in

1 Cat (2:Catchers, 32:Litter Bags, 2:Catnip Toys, 2:Big-Clean Bag), 2 Cats (3:Catchers, 32:Litter Bags, 4:Catnip Toys, 3:Big-Clean Bags), 3 Cats (4:Catchers, 32:Litter Bags, 6:Catnip Toys, 4:Big-Clean Bag), 4 Cats (5:Catchers, 62:Litter Bags, 8:Catnip Toys, 5:Big-Clean Bag), 5 Cats (6:Catchers, 62:Litter Bags, 10:Catnip Toys, 6:Big-Clean Bag)


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