The Rude Kitty Needs Promoters!

We want to let you know in person that we need people who are willing to promote our store, in exchange for reasonable compensation.

Please if you enjoy sharing websites in exchange for discounts or even cold hard cash then please reach out to us.

We may have contacted you, in that case please read the following paragraph where our affiliate program is fully described.

Upon approval for the Rude Kitty affiliate program you will be issued a unique coupon code for a denomination of no more than 20% off site wide. With this unique coupon we will be able to credit you for all orders placed using your unique code. In addition to the coupon code, we will be able to see how many website views you were able to generate, Based on how many site views and how many purchases you are able to generate will determine your payout. Tracking site views is complex so we do not guarantee correctness to the view, however views are still entirely trackable.

Here is the breakdown of payout rates:

5% USD of all revenus generated using your unique coupon code! That is sent directly to your bank account or mailed out in a check every month!

1 USD for every 100 IMPRESIONABLE website views. We track ip addresses so spare us the “click farm” spam. Again paid out monthly.

We hope that this has enticed the savvy influences amongst you, we think our terms are reasonable and scalable from someone generating 100 USD per month to 10,000 per month or more.

We will negotiate hard contracts upon request!

Thank you, Please fill out the bellow form to get started!

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