Rudekitty is a family owned business. Mother and son (but daughter and father contribute too.)

I invented the RudeKitty Litter Catcher bc Pete’s cat is a very rude Kitty.  He wouldn’t keep his poo in the box. No matter how often I cleaned it.  Plus his sister tracked the litter out.

They were disadvantaged kittens that we rescued from certain death bc their mother had been dumped in a field by my mother’s home. She already had 4 cats and didn’t want to be considered a cat lady.

Pete and his sister were preschool age and they wanted a pet. 

I wanted siamese bc I had them when I was little.  But Gramma called.  Told me that she had one for each of my kids.  Told me they would die without my help.

Yep.  2 Sorry looking, tiny, mewling, soon to be Rude Kitties came to live at our house.

I nearly finished off Cuddles bc I washed him and his body temperature got so low that I panicked and desperately droppered chicken soup into him. 

Thankfully  he’s 19 yo this spring. Everytime I take him for his yearly checkup, the vet asks me to confirm his age.  He’s in great shape! And still loves chicken soup.

I did have to change vets a few years ago when she called him Cantankerous.  A 17 yo cat has a right to be a smidge grumpy.  I really think “Cantankerous” is a bit harsh.

His sister Possum the cat lived to be 15.  She was always quite small and hated company.  But that final Christmas, she came out and loved with our entire family who had come to celebrate with us.

Unfortunately, a few days later, I noticed Possum the cat seemed ill and when they took her to the vet, our dear old vet told us that we needed to say goodbye.

I always think of her at Christmas.  How she went from one to the other and shared her love. 

Because that’s what our pets are; love. 

I wanted pets bc I had grown up with all sorts of animals on our farm and I had learned that there was something more important than myself. 

On a farm, animals come first.  From feeding them in the morning to going out to the barn at 11p.m. for a final check;  they are important.  I wanted my children to grow up with the lessons that you learn from caring for a pet. 

Pets are so much better than people or fancy clothes or whatever.  They respond to love, they require you to sacrifice your time (and money) but they give you what money can’t buy: love.  Nonjudgmental (mostly) happiness greets you at the door. 

If your day is bad or your mom is crazy, you can still depend on your furry friend.

They curl with you, play with you and listen to you and your kindness is never wasted.

19 years later, Cuddles still jumps up to be with us.  Although. Now. He bites me if I don’t give him his chicken soup quickly enough. (Re-read the definition of ‘Cantankerous.’ There is NO mention of ankle biting!)

I didn’t know what to say in this About Us segment.  But I think what’s important is that we are pet owners.  We love our pets and they are part of our family. 

Like any member of the family, they must fit in to our tiny ecosystem.  No rudeness on a continual basis. 

But pets (and people children) think that they have a say in their environment too. 

Living happily and successfully means that a compromise is found. 

It’s up to pet parents to understand our pets and to give them an environment that they like and feel happy in while not being destructive.

Our RudeKitty Litter System is geared towards busy pet parents who prefer to spend their time enjoying pets rather than cleaning up litter mess.

I grew up on a farm and i was used to managing poo.  We have systems for it.  It seemed irresponsible to not try to figure out a way to keep my floors in my house clean after years of keeping barns cleaned.

Parents voices stay in your brain and every time I swept up or cleaned up the kitty waste. I could hear my parents “tutting” bc there had to be a better way.

So I began with the products on the market.  They didn’t work. 

Then I began trying things around the house. 
Eventually I figured out the basis for our Rudekitty Litter System. The Litter Catcher.

I began using it and figuring out how better to keep our floors safe and clean.

When Pete finished his degree from school, he decided to take some time off.

He worked at a bakery and as a landscaper for a golf course. 

He decided that working for someone wasn’t what he wanted to do.

Our family farm was long gone, but I did have the litter catcher.

He took my prototype down from the shelf and RudeKitty was born.